A Home for my Grandfather

Are you alone? lets go to a meyhane and drink together!
Videoyu Oynat


An intimate exploration of the dying culture of “Meyhane” and the profound philosophy and savoirvivre the Meyhane is linked with.

Meyhane, A Home for My Grandfather cuts across the realms of literature, Sufism and savoir-vivre as well as the socio-cultural and historical layers of Istanbul to shed light on one of the most exciting locus of culture in the Eastern world. The Meyhane (May-HAH-nay) is simply the name given to the traditional taverns historically found in Iran, Turkey and the Arab countries. The name comes from the Farsi words for “wine” (mey) and “house” (hane). From Omar Khayyam to Sufis, who rendered the meyhane and the wine as metaphors for spiritual ascension, the meyhane have served the philosophers of the soul and symbolised a place for rest, pondering the deeper waters of life. Inspired by the director’s grandfather’s devotion to the culture, to such a degree that he forsook his own wedding ceremony to indulge in a night at the meyhane, Meyhane: Dedemin Can Evi brings to screen an intimate exploration of the currently commercialised culture of meyhanes in Istanbul as well as the profound philosophy and life-knowledge that is associated with them with stories and commentaries from a long list of names known for their expertise in and love for the culture.

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