The subjects of most of the documentaries are the seemingly insignificant places and issues that have been overlooked in the tense atmosphere of the Middle East, the little things that keep us going.

Documentary Film Production

The Rooster in the Room

A docudrama about the personas we invent to survive, told from multiple perspectives.

Film Production

The Red Illusions of a Wild Anemone

A mental dialogue between two women, from two generations and two countries who share parallel threats to their freedom existence in dark times of "leprosy."

Documentary Experimental

In Praise of Ice Cream

Enter the fantastical world of ice cream on the planet Nematis


Meyhane, a Home for My Grandfather

Stories of drinking`s culture in "middle-east"


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play Backgammon

Stories of Backgammon and the people who live the game!


The Hamam that Wanted to Keep Being a Hamam

A mocumentary about Hammams and people of Hammams!