We don’t work, we relish.

Entemtainment began in 2009 with a trip to the hamam. Two years later, director and producer Mehdi Shabani founded a production house that welcomed a new team and vision in 2019. 

Entem in ancient Greek means “to be.” Entemtainment’s crede is that cinema in all of its forms must be about two things: life and play. Above all, we hope that viewers find their work entertaining.

The projects at Entemtainment are produced in a collaborative and collective way. Each member of the crew adds his and her own taste (and love) of cinema to the table. Our method is guerrilla-style: small crew and small budget but fast and independent.

Each type of work has its own spirit.

Our documentaries are both educational and creative. We treat topics that are disregarded and unexpected: topics like ice cream and beards. Instead of searching for truth, we create our own. Our borders are not national but regional.

Our videos are journalistic and dive into socio-political issues. Our center is Turkey, but we draw links with nearby countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The subjects are ones that are often mediatized, but our perspective is deep and local.

Our music videos are absurd and playful. They defy the physics of this world and enter psychedelics. Our format is just as experimental and entirely free-style. We invite viewers to feel something freeing and perhaps even liberating.

The team at Entemtainment is constantly challenging our own conventions and habits and is planning on developing new formats in the near future.