How posters helped raise awareness of women's rights movements - III

For more than two centuries, it has become customary to use posters to raise awareness, convey and spread messages, and gain support and influence public opinion. Posters, usually printed in large dimensions and as a combination of images and words, are a rich form of visual arts that showcase global concerns, popular taste, and artistic and technological advances.

To create a poster, the designer can use various visual elements such as symbols, writings, illustrations, diagrams and photos. But in the end, what is important in designing a poster is clear and quick messaging.

Movement for access to safe and legal abortion

Safe and legal abortion is the right of women. But in many cases, governments take away this right from women by passing laws. This ban does not stop abortion and only eliminates the possibility of abortion in safe conditions.

Like other movements, this movement has also used the poster as a kind of media to inform the society. On the other hand, governments, organizations and groups against abortion are also aware of the importance of posters.

For example, in 2017, before abortion was legalized in Ireland, three anti-abortion groups attempted to display huge images of mutilated babies on the streets of Dublin and at airports in Belfast and Manchester. They claimed that they wanted to “show the humanity of unborn children and the horrific reality of abortion to Irish women who travel to England for it”, women who the groups claim are being kept from the reality by the abortion industry. But despite the efforts of these groups, they were not allowed to install these posters.

Of course, women who are forced to travel to areas where it is legal to do so know more about the facts about abortion than anyone else.

Through posters, feminist groups tell society that abortion rights opponents are part of a larger system of women’s oppression, and that society should help decriminalize women’s right to choose.

Videoyu Oynat
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