A woman, a symbol of the Sudanese revolution

In 2019, in the middle of the Sudanese revolution, the image of a woman dressed in white from head to toe became widespread. He was standing on the roof of a car, holding up his index finger, reciting a revolutionary poem by “Azhari Muhammad Ali” and the people around him responded by shouting “revolution”. “Ala Salah”, whose name was not revealed at first, with a white robe on her body and golden earrings on her ears, was reminiscent of the dress of “Amanirnas” of the ancient Nubian queen of ancient Sudan and the conqueror of the Romans. Commentators called this gesture “image of the revolution”.

Translation of a part of this song:

Forgive me mother, I broke my promise to you

It is forbidden to talk in the congregation of rulers

Mother, my blood boils when the whole country is in turmoil

When these forces have ruined the image of Islam

Bringing their nonsense with them in the name of religion

Imprisoning us in the name of religion

Burning us in the name of religion

Separating us from each other in the name of religion

Killing our mother…

This is just the beginning of our life

And I want a wedding party.

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