A Kurdish voice from Radio Yerevan; A radio station in the Soviet Union that became the common memory of the Kurds

Yerevan National Radio in Kurdish, or as it is known among Kurds as “Radioya Yerevane”, has left a deep impression on the memories of thousands of Kurds throughout the Middle East, Europe and the Soviet republics.

During the years when the Kurdish language and culture were ignored or banned, Radio Yerevan was a bridge between Kurdish people and their culture and made an important part of the common memory of the Kurds.

The Kurdish section of Radio Yerevan was established in 1955 by the Soviet government’s decision to promote “socialist civilization” among the Kurds as part of the “Equal Treatment” program. This radio helped to promote Kurdish culture, art, music and literature and formed a huge cultural treasure and archive, and over time became one of the important carriers of Kurdish culture, especially among the Kurds of Turkey.

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