How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play Backgammon


Stories of Backgammon and the people who live the game!

This film starts with the game of Thakhte-Nard (Backgammon) tries to move beyond that. It looks at people and their views on this originally Iranian game that has gained popularity across the region, in an attempt to examine the way people in our part of the world perceive reality and their lives as a whole.

In our view, the act of playing a game is not necessarily a matter of entertainment or recreation but it could also be considered a part of the process of learning and an important aspect of human socialization. Seen from this perspective games have an illuminating function, elucidating the people who play them. Thus a game is no longer just a game. Rather, it signifies a people’s philosophical view of their being, culminating in a space to escape the mundane.



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