Stories of middle-eastern bearded!

One night when Mehdi, a director of unsuccessful documentaries, is drunk, he encounters a person claiming to be Adam (the first human). Adam says he has come to earth to eliminate the ill-doing and corruption of his children and clarifies that Mahdi is the only person who can and is allowed to see him. In his second descent to earth, Adam tries to prove that violence has to do with gender and is a masculine trait. He displays himself with a beard and by shaving it, tries to show that humankind can be redeemed and may return to the promised heavens. To attain this goal and to prove his theory right and bring it to the attention of the entire world, Adam forces Mahdi to make a documentary about beards. Thus, they both engage in conversation with different people, from a hipster to a Muslim painter, from a man who has undergone sex change to a youngster who is willing to join ISIS; each person has a unique perspective. In the meantime, the struggle between Mahdi and Adam goes on. In his second descent, Adam has become more material, furthermore he disrupts Mahdi’s life to such an extent that Mahdi, at his wits end, begins to question whether Adam’s presence is real or if it is a delusion. But has Adam actually descended? Or is he born from Mahdi’s imagination and is in fact a element motivating him to salvage his career? In this time and age, do only a special group holding radical thoughts use beards as a symbol of their identity? In the documentary bits of the films, the history of beards and the contemporary view towards beards have also been investigated. What’s clear is that in a full-fledged battlefield and along with the other children of Adam on earth, Mahdi tries to free himself from hell and arrive at the promised heavens.




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