In Praise of Ice Cream


Plunging into the mystical and mesmerizing world of the treat known as ice cream.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. The girl’s name was Pani and she lived on a planet called Nematis. She was a happy girl because she wasn’t alone: she would play every day with her friend Serado.

The planet Nematis was full of ice cream. Everyone on Nematis loved ice cream, which they ate all together and which brightened their days and their nights… until the thief of fables stole the secret to the Nematis ice cream from the Nematis ice cream factory. The factory collapsed, and when its last ice cream melted, the people of Nematis were sad and started living apart from each other. Then, Serado fell ill.

All sorcers of Nematis came to heal Serado, but none succeeded. Pani, desperate, went to the sorcerer of sorcerers. He told her that the only cure was to get the ice cream secret from the mother of ice cream Mishaka and to start production again. Pani immediately left the sorcerers.

Nobody knew the way to the ice cream master. But Pani didn’t give up. She waited, and waited, and waited for the bubble boat to land in Nematis…

Pani finally boarded the bubble boat and went to see Mishaka. She told Mishaka about Serado’s illness and the sadness that swept over Nematis. Mishaka listened to Pani and told her she was a good friend. The mother of ice cream wanted to help her, but on one condition.

She must join Mishaka on a journey, and on this journey Pani must find the ice cream secret herself. She must succeed on this journey in order to bring the secret back to Serado and all the people of Nematis. Pani embraced the mother of ice cream, and together they boarded the bubble boat. The way to the ice cream planet was very, very long…

“And then what happened? Did Pani find the secret of ice cream?”
“How about we listen to the rest of the story another night…”



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